little bit about our businesses
Texoma Sports Center
Motel &
Kingston Liquor

Howdie, and thank you for puttin an eyeball on us folks. So with no
further ado er guilding of the lilly....  

The motel was established in 1973. Shortly there after Kingston Liquor
was born. We take pride in our service to our families community, our
lake, and you our patrons. Come stay with us one time and you'll be
hooked just like one of those giant stripers. All of our rooms are Freshly
remodeled in custom rustic, western, antiquities, decor and amenities.
Meticulously hand crafted to, that only 45 years of finish wood working
can bring out in the hand picked 15 to 150 years it took to age to
perfection, wood. Flat screens, Dish network, & WiFi to boot. Lake
Texoma is only 300 yards away as the crows fly. The Lake, Golf Pro
Shop, Texoma Casino, Sports and such visible from our parking lot by
day accompanied by a Nightlife as simple or extravagant be your taste.
You never have to leave the property for spirits if you choose to relax in
room with you preferred libation as Kingston liquor is 30 yards away. We
are completely stocked with ..... well "if we daunt have it they daunt
make it nomore" as my grand pappy put it.
So we look forward to earing your friendship thru business and service.

"yall come back now"